Special Report: The Swrve App Metrics Report

Gain a better understanding of success in mobile apps and how to achieve it

In our latest special report we share the results of our research into the metrics behind mobile apps.

Based on extensive analysis from our own stack, we’ll be covering key ‘real world’ data on user metrics in mobile apps including:

  • Retention – discover how long app users “stick around”
  • Engagement – see how much time users spend in-app and how often
  • Social Sharing – do users share the experience with their friends and what is the frequency of sharing
  • And much more!
Download the Special Report

Download this report to access detailed data covering millions of users and discover what really happens in mobile apps – as well as suggest some actionable steps you can use on your own mobile app.

Optimize and Monetize with Swrve

Swrve is all about active marketing to your user base in order to maximize in-app revenues. We’re bringing the direct marketing techniques of the online world to the mobile and tablet environments – where your revenues are. And Swrve also provides the ability to tune and A/B test changes to your app in real-time so you can deliver the best possible mobile experience to your customers.

Don’t guess at what works in your app; know what works in your app with Swrve. Download our whitepaper today.